We understand that different businesses have unique needs, and with our security solutions, we can help you to keep everything secure and give you peace of mind. We have a full range of doors, gates, and turnstiles available for various industries and establishments. Whatever your needs may be: low maintenance costs, something to withstand the elements, aesthetic appeal, or a fully integrated security system, we can provide this for you with our extensive range.

Security Doors

Our high quality security doors help to secure your premises and add to your aesthetic, so you don’t need to choose between one or the other. Our bespoke security solutions can cater to a range of commercial needs. The doors we build provide a high degree of resistance so you don’t need to worry about intruders or break ins, and you will be able to streamline your approach to running your business.

We can provide a security door for your unique needs, so get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.

Security Turnstiles

Turnstiles are a great crowd control solution, helping to control the flow of people in and out of designated areas. They also deter tailgating and have other benefits for commercial areas. However, for waist height turnstiles, guard supervision is still needed as people could potentially jump over or crawl under. They can still be an effective solution depending on the area, but that isn’t your only option. We also have full size turnstile systems available that stop these issues from happening, and our systems can be modified to fit the needs of your building perfectly.

We can incorporate secure access options with your turnstiles, including biometric controls like fingerprint, palm and retinal scanners. We can also make them compatible with your swipe cards or fobs, plus multiple entry points can be managed with convenient interlinked systems.

Security Gates

If you’re looking for security gates, you need something robust and protective. They can be used in restricted and industrial access facilities where only authorized personnel are allowed to access certain areas. There may even be secondary gates inside of the area to restrict access to other areas, so oftentimes, multiple gates are needed for one system.

Our security gates can be used in various industries. You’ll find our security gates used most often in pedestrian areas to restrict access in airports, government facilities, and testing plants. For strict requirements and high traffic, gates made from high-strength steel or aluminum are a good choice. Aluminum is the preferred choice because it’s strong and lightweight and much less prone to wear than other materials. This will help you to keep maintenance costs low while ensuring the ultimate security system is in place.