The first thing people see when they enter a commercial building is the door. It can make a big impression on visitors, whether you realize it or not.

A commercial door should be sleek and have a modern look. Something professional looking is often required for schools, medical facilities, hotels, commercial buildings and offices – but many of these establishments also have unique needs and requirements.

Creating an attractive entrance is hard enough, but you also need to consider safety, energy efficiency, style, durability and more. It’s important your door manufacturer understands your unique needs so that they can help you to find the right door.

Piedmont Door Solutions offer the following manual doors to choose from:

Wood Doors

Wood is a natural insulator. This means you will not only have a sturdy door, but save on energy costs when heating your home or business. Wood has been used for construction within harsh environments for centuries, as it can last a long time and can easily be repaired. Wood can be repaired even if it sustains structural damage, and it is a sustainable resource. When choosing wood, your business is doing its bit for the environment.

Metal Doors

Metal is easier than wood or aluminum to maintain, and you can feel confident with storm safety and ensuring the building is prepared for weathering the elements. Metal has a longer useful lifespan with lower cost of ownership, and we create versatile, sturdy, and practical metal doors to suit all needs. You may not think of them as stylish, but these doors can look just as sleek as other types of door.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is most often used in entrances as it is practically maintenance free. Aluminum doors won’t rust or corrode, and there’s absolutely no need for painting or staining. They look clean, sleek, and modern – and they are cost efficient to boot. Our aluminum doors help to create a sturdy, attractive entryway that also provides peace of mind thanks to its unparalleled security. You’ll make the best impression on patrons and visitors and ensure the best outcomes for your commercial building or business.

Total Door Systems

Piedmont Door Solutions offer fully integrated door systems manufactured especially for your business or establishment. Our total door systems are custom designed for your unique building and business needs, as we understand that each establishment has different priorities when it comes to their entryways and exits.

We are a competitive, reliable door specialist with a team of qualified and passionate engineers who will work hard to ensure your total door system surpasses your needs. We can provide all types of automatic and manual door solutions so that your building is secure, attractive, welcoming, and low maintenance. Just get in touch with Piedmont Door Solutions today to find out what we can do for you!